• Natural Disaster Proof
  • Fire Proof
  • Virtually NO Maintenance
  • Two Week Shell Construction Time
  • Low Cost
  • MAS-HELIX™ Eliminates most Re-bar
  • 100’s of Years Lifespan
  • Easy to Build – Minimal Labor
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial
  • Many Finishes
  • 100% Concrete
  • 20 Year Warranty
Modern Arch Structures (MAS™) – Imagine a structure that stands up to any natural disaster or fire, costs a fraction of conventional construction, an exterior shell that can be built in two weeks (subject to concrete cure time, and exterior finish selection), can be made extremely energy efficient, and has an exterior structure, including roofing and siding, with an expected life span of hundreds of years with virtually NO maintenance.  It is here … it is real … it is MAS™.  The MAS-1300™ is a 1,300 sq. ft. shell with an 18 foot high ceiling.  The MAS-570™ is a shell with over 570 sq. ft. with a 12 foot high ceiling.  These MAS shells are used by builders to create a variety of structures throughout the world.

MAS-570™ (Type R) – Residential Configuration

MAS-570™ (Type S) High Occupancy Compound Configuration

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Click photo to see how the MAS™ system is constructed.

Guided Tour

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